Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Blog same old stuff

Okay so I moved my blog over here and started over.

First update on the kid:

Heidi had her apligraft skin graft done on Monday. It was pretty painless and she was told to go home relax and elevate it and keep it clean and dry. We will know if it is working in about two weeks. She goes in tomorrow for her last day of Hyperbarics and a wound dressing change and then we have NO DOCTORS APPOINTMENTS FOR A WEEK.... Wahoo.

2nd update on the other kid:

Emma is done with daycare now because Heidi won't need to go to the hospital everyday any more. She really loves preschool and can't wait for next week. They are taking a field trip to Albertsons. At first she was bummed and told me she didn't want to go "grocery shopping for preschool" then we explained that it will be a trip to see how a store is run. Now she can't wait to go "behind the milk."

If you have been following my other blog, you have probably read about Emma's dark damage. Well now not only does she have dark damage powers that let her see at night, but she has Freeze Eyes so she can see through the frosted car windows in the morning. LOL I personally think she watches to many movies and that is where she learns about superhero powers.

I haven't gotten much scrapping done, just a few Christmas gifts that I hopefully can take photos of later. My desk is clean and ready for scrapping so I better get busy on something. It is a good way to spend a long cold winter.

Well better run and accomplish something with my day.