Sunday, August 31, 2008

September Kit is Done

Here is the kit for September. I love this one.

More Finished Layouts

Here are a few more layouts that I was able to finish this week. The stack on my desk is slowly getting smaller and the albums are getting bigger.

The first one is Emma's preschool field trip to the zoo. The kids all love the slide. I think I got a shot of each kid in her class.

The 2nd one is dyeing Easter eggs and I entitled it Just for Fun, because no one actually likes eggs here and we just dye them for fun and then throw them away the next day.

The next layout is Heidi's birthday photos, we took them at Katherine Albertson Park on June 2nd. They turned out great.

The last one is the few photos I got on Heidi's birthday as they played with her gift...ROCK BAND.

Friday, August 29, 2008

First week of School

We made it through the first week of school YEAH!!!!!

I got up and took Heidi to the high school. I got out of there for $92 , very cheep.LOL
She found her friends, got in line for her schedule and I left her at high school. A little nervous that she was in high school and a little nervous about her ankle. She did fine.

Then I went home and got Emma and Greg and I took her to school. KINDERGARTEN. She had friends in her class and was so excited. They lined up and waved goodbye to the parents. Then they were gone.

Most moms and dads would be sad at this point. NOT ME Three hours really isn't that long. I got to go to Costco (by myself). Then it was time to pick her up. I went and helped her find the right bus, then followed the bus home.

Emma's biggest complaint for the first day was that her teacher didn't call her Emma. So I had to explain to Mrs.L that her real name is Emelia but she is called Emma. Mrs. L said she would try and remember and maybe Emma could reminder her.

Emma says "Don't worry I'll remind you everytime"

The rest of the week went fairly smooth. I did have to take Heidi back in and have her schedule rearranged, but nothing to major.

So now we have a four day weekend and then back to school. I can't wait for Tuesday, I have plans for those three blessed hours. Finish painting, clean and organize my house, and maybe enjoy a bubble bath without interuption.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heidi's next steps

This weekend we went to Portland for a dr. appt. That by the way is a long drive for a Dr. appointment, but it was worth it. We found a dr. that is going to fix Heidi's leg. This surgery will give her a 75% chance of recovery and the ablilty to walk without pain for years to come. The Dr. wants to do this ASAP, so monday morning we are going to call and schedule her surgery. She will be in the hospital for about a week, and then have two or three follow up appointments. The whole procedure will take about three months. So here is a link to what the operation is:

the dr. will also go in and reconstruct her ankle, by taking a slice out of her heel bone and using it to rebuild her ankle and straighten her ankle which is at a 2% tilt the wrong way.

While in Portland we did have some fun at OMSI where we saw a show at the Planetarium and then took a tour of a US subamarine. Not good when you are claustraphobic.

Then we hit Ikea!!!

I could live in that store. It was so much fun looking at the great showrooms and all the stuff. We did make it home with a few new items, one of which is a "Dave" a laptop desk. It was really fun and other than the really long drive it wasn't too bad. I'll keep you updated on when Heidi will have surgery again. Hopefully this will be the last surgeries for a number of years.

Until then I can't wait for school to start on Monday, I will have three hours of peace and quiet. Yeah

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

I took the time this weekend to watch his last lecture and I learned a great deal from it. I also ordered his book to get more of the information behind his lecture. It truly is wonderful and I encourage everyone to take an hour and listen to this man. Think back on your childhood dreams and see if you are any closer to achieving them and if you are... are you helping others to achieve their dreams?