Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School-- Summer is over.

So school is back in session and for today I am enjoying the peace and quiet of my home. What did I do over summer vacation. We only took one small trip out of town and that was to Utah to play at lagoon. We rode the big roller coaster. It was fun, I mean I liked it, My girls hated it. Scared the pants off them. So after that we stuck with Rattle Snake Rapids.

I also painted the kitchen this summer, it was a challenge reaching above cabinets and along the ceiling. The edger is my new best friend. I love the colors and how it turned out in the end. We replaced the old caca blinds with new 2 inch fake Wood ones. It also helped to cut down the amount of sun and heat in the dining area.

One day this summer, while Heidi, Greg and I had an appointment with a Doctor, Emma and Grandpa went to lunch at McDonald's and the Oscar Mayer Wienie Mobil was at Fred Meyers so the stopped and got their picture taken and got a wienie whistle. Emma had fun.
Most of the rest of the summer was spent driving kids to swimming lessons and camps and stuff like that. I started back to daycare in August, baby Noah returned as a little boy with a baby sister. We love having them come play. Below is the photo of a wall chart I made for my kitchen. It has an erase able calendar and a white board and the whole thing is magnetic. I love how it turned out.
Off to enjoy my quiet house.