Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scrapbook organizing tip

I found these cases at Shopko and right now they are 40% off so I bought two. This is what they look like on the outside. They are by Iris.
This is what they look like on the inside. They have 6 cases that are all 4x6x1 and they all snap shut. They worked great for storing photos, but they also work great for other scrapbook items. Here I have my cat eye inks in them. If I need just the inks I take just the one case with me to a crop. Or I can take the whole thing.

Here is one that I put flowers into. I put big flowers in one, small warm colored flowers in another and small cooler color flowers in a third. That way i can just take the case I need. No more glass bottles getting broken in my bag.

They also work great for emmbellishments. Here I have a case with epoxy stickers and bling stuff in it. I can arrange them by themes also like christmas and baby.

Needless to say I filled the first two I bought and had to go back to shopko the next day for two more.

Flower decorating

When Heidi was in the hospital this last time the young women brought her flowers. They were beautiful. Well they finally died last week and Heidi decided to replace them with silk flowers. So we went to the store and bought flowers. Some of them were from the $$ store and some from the craft store. All total we spent less than $50. The wreath is the one I made. It brightened up our front door and added a touch of spring.

This is a close up of Heidi's arrangement. They found really cute butterflies and added them in also.
Heidi's arrangement.

Emma's arrangement
My sister does flower arranging and enjoys it, so I think after this, I will leave it up to her. I don't enjoy this at all. I burned my fingers more than once with the glue gun and although it looks good in the end, it isn't great and that bugs me. And believe it or not I swear I am allergic to fake flowers also. By the time we were done I had hives all over my hands and up my arms. MY kid thinks I'm nuts to be allergic to something that is fake. She says it is all in my head.

And one more layout

Emma's fifth birthday

More layouts from this weekend


So since my knee surgery was cancelled on Thursday, I didn't have any plans for the weekend. (I thought I would be in the hospital) Anyway I scrapped and scrapped and finished up all the layouts sitting around the room waiting for journaling and titles and stuff. Here are a few of them. By the way the surgery will probably be rescheduled for later in April. BUMMER!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Finished Closet

I actually got this done quite a while ago, but I haven't gotten the photos posted. The master bedroom closet didn't get a complete makeover, but it did get reorganized and cleaned out. It's happier so I'm happier and now we can find stuff. I even found a few Christmas gifts that never were given out and a baby outfit I bought for my nephew that was size 0-3 months and he is now almost two. It won't be fitting him or my other nephew, so I am going to give it to my neighbor, who just had a little boy. Any way here are the photos of the master bedroom closet.

I took advice from Peter Walsh and bought wooden hangers. I also hung all the clothes up with the hangers backwards. Peters tip: if after 6 months the hangers are still backwards then you haven't worn it and you can get rid of it.

I also put like things together and like colors together. I never would have guessed I had so much blue clothing.

My hangers are white and my husbands are light wood. As you can see by the photos I need to purchase a few more wooden hangers, so some of the clothes are still on white plastic hangers.

There really isn't any other place in the house for the cedar chest or the old rocking chair and cradle or the rocking horse, so they are staying in the back corner of the closet. I like that I can find stuff now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

scrapbook layouts

Here are a few layouts I was able to finish this week.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday card swap

Here is the cards I am doing for the birthday card swap I am in. I haven't exactly embraced the idea of digital stamps, because to me a digital stamp is a clip art picture. I found these little guys in on a site I use for daycare for coloring pages. My kids love them. I used stickles for the glittery parts. The alien is now named Mork. And the dragon, who is a girl dragon is named Mindy. Why?, because I thought the names fit. After you color about ten of them all the same, they take on life and personality.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The laundry room's Friend

Rooms share walls and the laundry room shares a wall with his friend the master bedroom closet. Now the closet could hear the laundry room laugh and smile and could tell the laundry room was happy.

"Why are you so happy?" the closet asked.

"Because I'm clean," was the laundry room's reply." I love my jobs and I do them happily, every thing is clean and organized. There is a space for everything and everything is in it's space. The dust is gone and I can breath deeply of clean refreshing air." The laundry room did a little giggle and the closet was sad.

"How I wish I could be like you." the closet said sadly. "I am so cluttered and dusty and it is so dark in here. I can't begin to stretch, because the space is so crowded and cramped." Every day the owners add more junk in here for me to hold. Most of it doesn't even belong in a bedroom closet. It makes me tired just thinking about it."

"Maybe the owners will clean you up also and you can be happy like me." said the laundry room.

"I hope, I hope, I hope," dreamed the closet.