Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the day after

Merry After Christmas day LOLOLOL
I'm up and showered and I've been to the Dr. already and boy is it snowing. I thought of hitting after Christmas sales today, but decided against it because my girls want to go also. Their uncle gave them $50 each and they want to go spend it on junk.
Christmas at our house was fun and relaxing. We got to bed Christmas eve at 3:30 am (because we were playing with Emma's toys instead of putting them together.) Emma woke us up at 4 am and we made her go back to bed. At 8 she came in and informed us that Santa had come and their were presents, but they were going fast so if we wanted any we better get up.LOL She loves her dress up clothes and every time I looked at her yesterday she was wearing something different. She also got a Bob the Builder tool set. Nothing cuter than a princess in a tool belt.
Heidi really enjoyed her day off. She got an Ipod and spent most of the day loading songs on it. Her physical therapy is really painful and she was so glad that she didn't have to go yesterday. She got a new coat and new clothes and 2 DVDs so we spent the afternoon watching Pirates 3.
I really enjoyed the day and wasn't expecting gifts because I got my freezer last week. The girls gave me Friends season 2 on DVD, and my brother gave me a new album from Greg came out of the room and gave me the Crop a Dile set from Costco and I love it. He also informed me my big present was late in the mail and would be here on the 27Th. It is a new all in one printer/scanner/copier. I had kind of given up on getting one, because they are so much money,but he saw how frustrating our current printer is and bought me one.I'm so excited. I plan on scrapping the rest of the week away, (except for the five Dr. appointments) it should be pretty fun.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

This photo makes me think of the old time song, "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas"

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas lean your ear this way

don't you tell a single soul what I'm going to say

Christmas eve is coming soon now you dear old man.

Whisper what you'll bring to me, tell me if you can.

North Pole Express

We had so much fun on Saturday as we rode the North Pole Express Train, to see Santa. Emma was so excited all day. It was cold but we had fun. She was however disappointed that there was no snow. It started to snow about an hour after we got back to town. Here she is on Santa's lap and when he asked her what she would like she asked for two candy canes so she could give one to Heidi.

Heidi had a fun time, although it isn't really crutches friendly, they train staff helped her get on and off and made sure she got her cookie and milk. When we stopped at the North Pole for photos with Santa Heidi found a nice spot by the fire and just relaxed.

While riding on the train, this wonderful
guy read stories to the kids. He is
a great story teller and Emma
sat quietly and listened to his stories.
Doesn't he look like a charater off
Polar Express movie?

They also had singers come through singing great christmas songs with us. It really put us in a festive mood.

it was a ton of fun and if the girls were a little younger we would probably do it again next year. It really is geared to little kids and Emma had a great time and although Heidi had fun, she really was to old for it.

We got to see the Petersons and Emma ran around with Zoey while we were there. It was fun to visit them, but reminded me how much I miss watching their kids.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Here is this years Christmas card photo. I just got cards mailed out today so some people might get them as after Christmas cards. Two days after the photo was taken Emma cut her hair and now has no bangs.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Last Christmas I made homemade gifts for my family. I remember working to the wee hours of the morning to finish the last two and wrap them and have them ready to be picked up by my Aunt who was passing through town. This saved me a ton on shipping cost. The whole process took a lot of time, energy, and thought, but they liked their gifts.

This year I didn't have much time, I had even less energy and no ability left to think about what to do for Christmas, so I decided to take the easy way out and give them all gift cards. For a mere 41 cents I could ship a gift that everyone loves and can enjoy.



First we had to determine where to purchase the gift cards. Every merchant from McDonald's to Macy's has gift cards to sell. The fact that my family lives in a small town limits where they can spend them. But we finally decided that they travel to Spokane often enough to enjoy a Target card. So I loaded my girls into the Bobmobil and headed for Target.

Who knew there were so many different gift cards including ones that light up, and have holographic images. It took my girls forty minutes to pick out just the right gift cards for their cousins. We proceed to the checkout and returned home with our purchases feeling proud of our accomplishments, Christmas gift giving was as good as done and everyone would be happy.


That night I tucked my girls in and cleaned up the house and went to bed. I awoke at about one in the morning and was thinking about the gift cards. What had we done with them, when we came home. The rest of the purchases had been put away and the bags taken out with the trash after dinner. But where were the cards I had bought. I could no longer sleep, so I got up and checked the counter, the table and the desk. NO Cards. I woke Heidi and asked her, to which she said they must be in your coat pocket. so I looked there but no cards.

It is about this time I began to panic, because we had lost a large amount of money in the form of evil little plastic devils. I pulled on my coat and moccasins and headed to the van, surely they would be there. Nope No Cards there. As I turned back from the van I saw the trash at the road awaiting removal. Nooooooooooooo.

The naughty things were laughing at me, taunting me and making me freeze, in the night air. So in pjs and a coat, with no gloves I headed for the road and the first can. They weren't in can one, which was filled with questionable looking bathroom garbage.

About halfway through the 2nd can a car drove by, slowed down and watched, then proceeded on it's way. "What are they doing out driving at 2 am anyway", I thought. The 2nd car to go by asked if I was okay, to which I snapped back, stating it was my garbage and I could do what I wanted with it.

Did I mention it was cold and dark and with no flashlight I was basically looking by sense of smell and touch. After the 2nd can I decided I needed light and a few less spectators, so I opened the garage and proceeded to carry all four cans into the garage for a better inspection of their contents. The third can was the winner, it had to be because their was the Arby's sacks from dinner. After much digging and a little swearing I found the Target bag and inside the nasty little gift cards I had spent half the night freezing my buns for. I was so over joyed that I almost kissed them, but quickly remember that I had just extracted them from the inner bowels of our garbage cans.

I examined the cards and returned them to the safety of the house. Again I ventured into the cold night to drag all the cans back to the street. Later, while lying in bed trying to warm up I came to the conclusion that gift cards are NOT in any way easier or better than a well thought out gift.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Inside the Mind of a 5 yr old

I have a friend, named G, that informed me she would love to get into my daughters head and see what she is thinking. Well today I found out that my daughter is thinking a lot about G.
Last night we had a conversation about our plans for today.

Emma asked what we were going to do and I replied that we needed to go to Sears and pick up their photos and we needed to drop off some movies for G to watch because she is on bedrest.

Emma wanted to know why she was on bedrest?

Because the baby inside her tummy needs a lot of rest and quiet time, so G needs to just lay down and watch movies all day.

"that sounds boring" Emma informed me.

Heidi had surgery yesterday and they removed the rods on the outside of her leg. Her ankle and leg are very sore and she is in a lot of pain so I have been keeping her medicated and comfortable since yesterday morning. This morning Emma was jumping around and dancing and with every jump Heidi's leg was in pain. The more pain the grumpier Heidi gets. The grumpier Heidi gets the more she yells at Emma to stop jumping. The more Emma is told to stop jumping the more she jumps. It's awful.

So I finally explain to Emma that this isn't okay and that Heidi is hurting and Emma needs to stop jumping around. I tell her to go pick out a movie and I'll start her a movie and she can sit on my bed and watch a movie.

Emma looks at me really weird for a minute and then says,

"Mom I don't have to lay down and watch movies, because I am not even pregnant."

Monday, December 10, 2007

Little Update

I just realized that almost a month has gone by and I haven't posted. I guess time has been flying by around here. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we went to lunch at Golden Corral, a bit to crowed for my taste. Then we went to the hospital to visit Greg's mom. The took her in Thanksgiving morning because of chest pains. They kept her there most of the day and sent her home that evening.

The week after Thanksgiving Heidi and I went with some friends to the TSO concert and loved it. TSO stands for Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They are sooooo good. This was Heidi's first time seeing them and her first real concert, I'm not sure what she expected, but she pleasantly told me afterwards that it was awesome and she didn't know that we were going to a Rock Concert. Lucky for us my friend that went with us (she is 8 months pregnant), never went into labor or anything like that. There were a few songs I was a bit worried about her on. If you have never heard TSO you should check out their site.

We are stating to ready ourselves for the holidays, and I took the girls to have photos done at Sears, they turned out great and I can't wait for them to come back so I can send out Christmas Cards. The week after we had photos done, Emma came out of the bedroom with no bangs. YEP she cut her hair.....AGAIN. This time she really got it good and she looks a bit like a cross between a Puke Rocker and a Redneck. At least the photos were already taken.

We celebrated Emma's 5th birthday last Saturday and she had a great time. We even ran into Santa Claus at Walmart that morning. She got some great toys and gifts and for lunch she picked Chinese food so we went out to eat.

Tomorrow Heidi goes into the hospital for surgery number #13. They will be taking the fixator rods off the outside of her leg and putting her in a walking type cast or splint. She is so excited that she won't have that on there anymore and she has started putting a little weight on her leg and has even taken a few steps without the crutches. It has been and will continue to be a long process, but there is a bit of hope. She will be keeping her foot and she will walk again. Her skin graft was put on about a month ago and the nurses and Doctors say it looks great. It really seems to be working good at closing the wound.

Well I better head off to bed and get some much needed rest. I just want to say thank you to everyone that is still praying for us and still putting Heidi's name in the temples and a special thanks to those that have been able to help us out with meals and child care and finances, it has all been greatly apperciated.