Friday, October 31, 2008


Here she is my pinkalicious Fairy bug. Doesn't she look cute?

and the skirt has lights in it that light up at night so she will be very easy to see at night.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Organizing

So we have stacks and stacks of puzzles, like those shown below. They take up a ton of space and the boxes are falling apart, but I didn't want to get rid of the puzzles.

So I found these pencil holders on clearance at Walmart for $1. They are fabric and see through and well made. I bought a few to try this out. I cut the picture of the puzzle off the box and put the pieces in the pouches.

It looks like they are going to work great. This worked with all my 24 and 30 piece puzzles. The big floor puzzles are to big for this kind of bag, so I put them in Ziploc Bags. Then I was surfing the net and I found this blog and the lady sell bags like this in all kinds of sizes. I'm going to order some when I have some extra cash, for the big puzzles.
Her bags are at:
The next photo shows the amount of space these bags save as compared to the boxes. I also found I love the pouches because they have the holes for a three ring binder. I have decided this is a great way to store my flannel board pieces and small games for daycare. Now I need to hit walmart again and buy a bunch more pouches

I plan on putting all the puzzle bags into a basket so the kids can access them easily and put them away easily also.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scraproom reorganized

A friend of mine has been asking to see photos of the scraproom.

This is what my scraproom used to look like. It felt awful, like it was all going to come tumbling down on my head. In fact the shelf over the desk has quite a bow to it. Scary, RIGHT.

So I worked on it a lot. I still don't have the room painted, but I really like the scrapbook organizing.

So here is how it looks now. I got rid of the larger table and put in a small 4 foot one. It really helps not to have the space to pile stuff.

This is the window seat. The shelves were in my dd's room and she broke two of the drawers so that is what is holding all the albums. The other two drawers hold all my craft supplies for daycare and my kids extra school supplies. The cases on top are CTMH acrylic stamps. Then my label maker and laminator fit on top of labeled drawers that hold all my embellishments, rub ons, stickers, and tags. the crop in style bag fit nicely in front of them.

This is the shelving next to the table. These are cubes from Fred Meyer and Iris carts. The bottom holds albums, the middle holds paper holders. All my paper is sorted by manufacture, so I can easily find a line that works and all the colors match. The top is floss boxes labeled and sorted by color, and they hold all my ribbon and fibers. Everyone needs a pile it area and that is what the other two shelves are for. Above that is a ink pad holder that my dad built for me. The black and white basket holds new purchases, until I can get them put away. I haven't been buying much lately so it is a bit lonely. The Iris carts hold wooden stamps, foam stamps, photos, office supplies, and embossing and card making supplies, and pens and markers. I downsized a lot when I organized and I sold over 50 sets of stamps on eBay. I also sold a bunch of paper and punches and misc. at a garage sale and on cragislist.

This is the wall by the door. The cart is by cropper hopper and it holds a ton of paper and stickers. Only don't try and move it when it is full. YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF. Above the cart is a shelf I found for a $ at goodwill. It holds all the little embellishment flowers.

Here is my desk, all nice and clean. I love the back mat because I am very picky about having stuff straight. the little X adhesive is great for small stuff and my bucket turns on a lazy Susan and holds all my tools. I plan on hanging the magnetic white board, but not until I paint the room. It is on the list of rooms left to paint.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

OCtober Kits are done YEAH!

I hope you like this kit. I love fall and all the colors of it. I'm not really a fan of the colder weather, but the rest of it is cool.

Enjoy the October kit.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I got my Frames and my wall looks great

So for my birthday last weekend my family bought me the frames I wanted from Costco. I love them. I immediately changed the photos out and put them on the wall. The quote above it say
Diamonds are precious but daughters are priceless. My sister in law gave me that for Christmas last year. It was in a white frame, but a little time and paint and I just love the way it looks. One wall down many more to complete.

As if someone knew I needed to redecorate a new store just popped up in Meridian. Import Outlet and it has great prices. I stopped in really quick, left my kids in the car for a sec and checked it out. I plan on going back when I have more time. If your interested it is on Fairview in a new strip mall just west of Eagle rd and before the sonic.LOL They have a clock I just love and I will probably ask for it for my anniversary. I'll show you that wall when it is done also.

As far as the triangle paint issue, I decided to use the corn for it. Now I just need to get the money to buy more paint. LOL