Monday, December 29, 2008

Hell Froze over!!! "well not quite"

I spent this morning taking down the tree and the Christmas decorations. I usually leave them up until New Years Day, but this year I have had my living room torn apart for months with the painting. I just wanted it done and clean. It looks awesome now. All the Christmas is packed away and back in the shed.

Then this afternoon, Greg came in and said his car was running (it hasn't moved in almost 4 years) and he was moving it out of the garage so I can park the van inside.

HELL HAS FROZEN OVER....... I knew that the day I could park in the garage would be when hell froze over.

Well my van is still in the driveway... so hell is just cold not frozen. We spent the afternoon working on getting the garage cleaned out so we can park more than one car in it. I finally have the go ahead from Greg to toss stuff. Throw out the junk!!!! Yahoo.

So I started cleaning out boxes. I found one box that was old magazines, I don't need Car and Driver's from before I could Drive. Then I found another box of old Childcraft books from when I was little. Emma loved looking at them, but they are so old and moldy and they stink really bad, so they will be going bye bye.

Then I came acrossed a box packed by a "Beers person". Talk about incomprehensible pack rat-ish behavior. The box had an old High school Annual and a bunch of papers so I figured I better go through it. The annual along with another one in the box belong to my brother in law. Then I found an old pair of slippers and a pair of pants, and a cookbook holder. Remember !!! this is all in the same box. Then I found Greg's birth certificate, the original stamped one. I also found his permit from driving in other countries and his passport information from 20 years ago. Good thing I didn't just throw the box away. What else was in the box you ask?

a package of index cards,
googly eyes
a string of bells (that hang on a camels neck apparently)
boy scout stuff
an old slinky, that was very rusty
a broken dice
two packages of flower pot fertilizer sticks
birthday cards
old paperbacks
and old love letters.

My thinking can't understand how a box was packed like this. My stuff is packed, books with books, kitchen stuff with kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff with bathroom stuff. Heidi, on the other hand loved unpacking this box, because it was kind of like a treasure hunt. If it is treasure hunting she wants, grandma has a whole garage full of boxes like this one. LOL

We got about a fourth of the garage cleaned out, but not enough to get the van in there, so tonight the supra is back in the garage and so is the motorcycle, but not the van.

Someday . . .

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone.

We celebrated a nice relaxing Christmas this year at home. Emma woke up way to early, at 4:30 a.m. We sent her back to bed. About 7:30 we finally allowed her to get up and open presents.

Here she is with her big huge grin over her new harps a chord toy her dad gave her. She also got a Barbie.

Isn't she cute?

For Christmas my mom made me a new duvet cover for our bed. It turned out beautiful. Here is a better photo of it.
I just love it. Along with this I got a new wall clock and battery heated socks. I also got a few new snowmen for my collection and two more seasons of Friends on DVD.

Greg got all the Star Trek movies, and a book.

Heidi's foot hurt so she was a bit grumpy on Christmas, but she loved what she got. New makeup, jewelry, and a laptop and new cell phone. Here is a shot of her with the lappy.

Overall it was a really nice day with lots of relaxing. Yesterday we just sat around and watched Friends. 9 hours of Friends and counting.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Emma's Birthday

I haven't had a chance before now to post about Emma's birthday. I guess I better do it. It is hard to believe my baby is six years old.

She really had three different birthday parties this year. One with family, one at school, and one with friends. Nothing like dragging your birthday out all week long. LOL Her family party was at home the night before her birthday, we wanted to celebrate while her dad was in town. She had cake and ice cream and grandma and grandpa came over. The next day she took cupcakes to school and shared her birthday with all her classmates. That night Heidi and I took her to see Bolt at the movie theater. VERY GOOD MOVIE by the way.

For her friend birthday party, which my kids only get every other year, she chose PoJo's Family Fun Center in Boise. She was able to invite 5 friends to join her. The night of her birthday party, the place was packed. I spent the whole time trying to keep track of kids, so they wouldn't get lost. It really helped to only give them two tokens at a time, then they had to come find me to play more games. Here are a few of the gifts she received at her party. Sadly, we forgot to take a group shot, with all the kids.

Happy Birthday Emma!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Kit

Here is the December kit. I like how it turned out, but I am ready for a little break from kits. Look for new kits next year.

Snow Snow Snow

So I got up and went to the Christmas show at the Idaho Center on Sunday. I went by myself for a little me time and some shopping therapy. What did I buy, you ask???

Well I bought myself my ICE ticket, it will be from the girls to me, because they love me so much, and because by the time ICE arrives I'll need the break from them. If you are clueless about ICE , check it out.

ICE Escape

On to what else I bought. Besides buying the Honey filled candies that I buy every year,thanks to my friend Tracy, for loaning me .25 so I didn't have to put $2 worth of candy on a credit card. I also bought snow in a box. I thought I would give it a try.

So I take it home and wait for "I'm bored" to be said. Then I got a big plastic bin with a lid and the snow. My girls were thrilled. You put a little bit of this powder in a cup and add a little water and count to three.

BOOM fast as you can say "BOB'S A SNOWMAN" you have snow falling out of the cup. It stays cold forever and it is mold able and not to messy. It will last months according to the box.

So how does it work?
What is it made of?

I don't know and I don't care. It kept both girls engaged and involved without fighting or arguing, so I could paint my living room.

After fully entertaining themselves with Snow stuff for hours, my DH came home and was watching them play. It was at this point he informed the girls that the "snow" they were playing in is the same stuff they use in disposable diapers to absorb wetness.

The 5 year old, could care less and continued to play, the 14 year old will no longer touch it at all. She is done and wants nothing more to do with fake snow.