Sunday, February 28, 2010

More scrapbook pages

I figure it has been a month since the office scraproom was cleaned and organized, I better post a layout or two that I have done this month so you can see that it was well worth it.

The first layout is of our trip to California last Nov. This is the first layout I used my cricut on and cut out the title. I love seeing Greg so excited about something. It was like he was a little boy, he was thrilled to get to take a tour of the missile base.

The next layout was just finished a few weeks ago, but the photos are from last Easter. We are lucky to have any photos of Easter at all, with my surgery on my knee the week before. Thank you to who ever invented the DonJoy Iceman, what a life saver. Emma felt a little cheated out of a great Easter, but she got over it. Easter Bunny brought her a new bike. This was at the egg hunt over at our local Albertsons. Thankfully they still do it, even When "they paved paradise and put in a parking lot" Both my girls have loved it. Sadly Emma only has a few more years of Egg hunting and then she will be to old.

More layouts to come in the next few days and I get them uploaded from my camera.