Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So the past few months I have been painting. The girls room and the bathroom and the hall at that in of the house are done. They were easy, start and stop walls. Now I am to the living room and the vaulted ceilings and the rounded corners. Where do I start one color and end another?

So here is the living room wall with the arch, I painted the arch with the Carmel and the golden corn will be on the kitchen side of this wall. Yes, I was hungry when I picked out the colors, Carmel, Chocolate, Corn and Butterscotch.

This whole room was based on the photo on the wall. That is Heidi and Emma in California. I took it (amazing huh) then we had it blown up to 26 x 30 at Costco and I modge podged it to a canvas. I love it, and I love that it cost me less than $40 to make.

Here is the wall when you walk in the front door. I plan on replacing the girls photos with new frames in the dark cherry wood, just have to wait until I can afford the frames. I also would like to make them even and put a quote above them. I don't know what the spot on the camera was ?

Now is where I run into problems. This is the wall at the end of the hall. I got it painted this morning. (Don't ask how I did the upper part with only a 6 foot ladder). So the big white wall is part of the kitchen also and I plan on painting it Golden Corn like the rest of the kitchen. The ceiling is going to stay white. But see the little triangle of ceiling just before the master bedroom. Should it be white like the rest of the ceiling? Should it be Carmel like the hall or should it be Corn like the kitchen?

Here is a better shot of the triangle problem area. Any suggestions or help with this would be great. The sooner the better, I plan to finish the hall and the entryway this week.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

When it rains...it pours!

Well I tried to have a yard sale, but I guess God doesn't want me to pay my bills. So after one lone sale, in a downpour, while trying to get everything out of the rain...Gwennie and I decided to head out and see if anyone else was selling. A few had clean enough garages to hold theirs inside and Gwennie even found some cute clothes for her dd. Then it was off to Moxie Java for Hot Chocolate. We were freezing a bit...wet clothes tend to do that, and we will admit it...we weren't ready to go back to our homes and be moms yet.

So now the next best thing...Craiglist and postpone the sale a week. We have to pay our bills somehow. LOL