Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Story of a Laundry Room

This is the story of a laundry room.

Once upon a time there was a sad little laundry room that was very dirty...

And very cluttered and not organized at all and very crowded. The laundry room was sad.

It had dreams of being a big beautiful laundry room, just like the one in the magazines.
Well one day the owners made the laundry room's dream come true. It took a lot of hard work and the washer and dryer were removed from the room along with every thing else.

The laundry room had been afraid of fire, because of all the flamable lint. After a professional came and unclogged the dryer vent, and all the old lint and dirt was removed the laundry room took a big deep breath. It was so much easier to inhale deeply and the clean air was so refreshing. This made the room happier and safer.

The laundry room was then painted, but not the color it wanted. The room was scared and felt angry with the new color. Oh how he wished he had some sun glasses, because the color was sooo bright...

The owner didn't like the color either and felt sorry for the laundry room, and so new paint was purchased and as the laundry room changed colors again it took on a peaceful happy feeling and it began to smile.

Well the laundry room was looking better and feeling better and the owner added shelves. Nice, white, sturdy shelves to hold and organize things. They added baskets and labels and before long the little laundry room's dream came true and it looked just like the rooms in the magazines. The laundry room was HAPPY and it SMILED and was EXCITED to do it's job.

Tip: Leave an open Scentsy on your dryer and it will make the room smell wonderful, but not to over powering.

The wire shelf gave the laundry room a place to keep everyday cleaners and soaps, so they owner had more room in the kitchen pantry for food. The broom rack kept everything off the floor and in it's place.
The baskets were labeled for things like the lost and found and cleaners. This made the laundry room feel important to have labels.
The End.