Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Playing around with my blog :)

I spent some time this evening, as you can tell, changing colors and such on my blog. Why you ask? Because I am sick of winter and winter colors and I really really really want spring to come. I am hoping that by adding color to my blog, Mother Nature will decide Meridian has had enough snow and let the flowers pop up. NOT LIKE I HAVE ANY FLOWERS IN MY YARD, but a girl can dream.

I haven't gotten Heidi's bedroom quite finished, but I hope to this week. I just need to paint the window seat. Then I can take photos of it.

Then it is on to my scrapbook room/office. I need more money first so I can buy paint and shelves, but I just about have everything cleaned out of the scrapbook side of the room. I really doubt most of it will make it back in the room, after my purging and craigslisting. I have to keep asking myself, why did I buy so much, and yet I still went to Micheal's Crafts today and bought more ribbon.LOL I needed it for my March layout, which will be up on my blog by Sunday night.

I am in the middle of a real page turner, so I am off to read, EYEWITNESS TRAVEL AUSTRALIA a great book full of information so I can someday, in the hopefully not to far of future, go to Australia and take my walkabout and find myself and my life's purpose, or something like that. If nothing else I can dream about the trip and look at the pictures in the book.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Scrapping

Thursday my husband had to go to Twin Falls for work, so I went with him and played at Girlfriends. I love the store, I love the people and I actually got something done.LOL Then Saturday I went Scrapbooking in Meridian at Just Scrappin and I had a great time. I didn't get as much done there, because I was busy chatting, but it was still a blast.
Below are the layouts I finished this week.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Painting and organizing

I love to organize, I wish we had a Container store here. I was on line drooling over all their wonderful stuff and decided to reorganize my house. We got H's room clean and ready to paint. Then I let her and her friend go at it. How much damage can two teenagers do anyway? It just paint, right?

They did a great job. I did have to go over one small section later and add another coat, and there was a small spot on the carpet that I had to clean up. But for the most part they did wonderful. Now to get here room back together so I can take a photo of it. Unfortunately she picked blue for her room and I am really sick of blue. E's room is blue, H's room is blue and their bathroom is blue. I guess we should just call that end of the house the BLUE WING.

I also started on the office/scrapbook room. It needs to be organized badly. But I also realize it needs to be painted badly, so I picked out five sample cards I liked and taped them to the wall. We have narrowed it down to three. I still want to see what they look like with the morning light streaming in. Only I haven't made it up that early this week. I figure the office should be cheerful and fun, because that is where I have to pay bills and paying bills is depressing and boring. It needs to inspire me to scrapbook and create.

I figure by the end of the year my whole house will be painted and organized. Because an orgaized house is a happy house.LOL

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Painful Mouth

Let me just start by saying what I have said to my girls all along, brush your teeth, so you don't have to go through what I have to. I had yet another root canal done today. They are not fun, they are not relaxing, and I rather have open heart surgery again than have a root canal. My dentist is great and he really does a good job, I just have so much that needs to be done that it seems to be taking forever. I also had a horrible dentist as a child and am scare to death of them to this day.

So I went in because I have pain in my teeth, we were sure which tooth, so they did xrays, and poked and prodded. Then the dentist used a small piece of ice and touched it on each tooth to detemine the cold sensative tooth.When he did find it, I jumped so hard that I nearly took out him, the assistant and the light above me. Of course just to be sure, he did it again and almost got kicked.

Well a few hours later I am home, dragging my face behind me on the ground. One whole side of my face was numb, including my eye and nose. So I took some pain killer and went to lay down for a few minutes. (a few minutes, three hours whats the difference)

My house looks like a 5 yr old was left unattended for hours on end. OH YA she was. Some one needs to teach that kid, if your going to sneek a bowl of ice cream, to put the carton back in the freezer and not leave it on the counter to melt.

The lesson here
Floss Daily
Brush Daily
and see your dentist regular so you don't have to have days like this.