Sunday, April 12, 2009

movie reviews

Since I really can't do much of anything but sit in bed and watch tv, I figured I better do a review on what I watch.

Australia- I have always wanted to go to Australia and the scenery in this movie is what made me want to watch it. It takes place in the early 1940's and is about cattle driving and WWII. It has a great story, good actors and wonderful shots of Australia. It is however very glad I didn't see it in the theater. It was really good and I would recommend it.

Marley and Me- The girls got this movie for Easter and it is another one I am really glad we didn't see in a theater, because it makes me cry. It is funny and sad and great. I am not a dog person and I liked it. We hoped it was a good family movie, but Emma just didn't stay interested in it, so it is for a bit older. There were a few things not suitable for her age anyway so it wasn't too bad that she left and went to go play.

Other movies I watched this weekend were good Harrison Ford Classics:
Patriot Games
Clear and Present Danger
The Fugitive

I also watched the Sarah Plain and Tall movies 1,2, AND 3.

And the newest in the Love Comes Softly Series.. Love Finds a Home. Although these movies are great and I enjoyed them they are nothing like the books. I have the whole series of books and have read them many times over the years. The movies don't even come close to how good the books are.

I am also working my way through the Gilmore Girls Series and am on season 4.

Well that is this weekends movies.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


So last Wednesday the nurse finally called back to inform me I was a go for surgery. We have already postponed it once and it messed up a number of schedules. So when she asked when can you come in for knee surgery I replied, "I'm not busy this afternoon." She laughed and then scheduled it for Friday.

So Friday I went to the hospital got poked with an IV and counted backwards from ten. I woke up a few hours later and my knee was in it's amazing $600 bionicle brace. They gave me a choice because it was after 5. I could stay and be poked and bugged in the hospital all night, or I could go home and sleep in my own bed. I chose HOME.

Saturday wasn't too bad, I have used crutches before so I was able to get to the potty and back to the bed and I was on medicine. I also had a pain block in my leg that hadn't worn off.


It wore off about 3 am Sunday morning and I was in horrible pain. I spent the rest of the night crying and watching the clock so I could take more meds which weren't doing anything but making my stomache upset. MY husband bless his heart was right there next to me telling me to just sleep it off, and he wouldn't let me call the Dr. in the middle of the night.

Sunday at 4 we finally contacted a Dr. and got another med to help keep down the pain meds. There is nothing like vomiting when you can't bend over a toilet. At this point I was getting rather discouraged and bummed, because my husband had to leave town in the morning and I felt like Caca.

Well my Friends showed up Monday to stay with me while DH left full speed to get away from the whiny wife. It was kind of like a friend chat party, only I don't remember anything we talked about. At 12, my friend took me to physical thereapy, where I continued to feel miserable and yucky and they unwrapped my bandage and started moving it. NOT FUN

I went home and went to bed and when I woke up my big sister was here to take care of me. I spent most of the rest of the week laying around in pain and with an upset (hurry hobble to the potty) stomache.

Thursday my friend Alex saved my life. She brought over a really cool machine:
I totally recommend this machine to anyone in pain. As soon as she wrapped it around my knee and turned it on, it felt better. By the next day I was off the strong drugs and only taking a regular Tylonal. it is amazing. Now my tummy can start to recover from it's drug induced topsy turvery.

Friday my sister had to leave, I was so sad, she was such a major help and I didn't know what I was going to do without her. Then, my friends again, like angels from heaven, returned to assist me. This time it was more like a mommy lunch get together instead of come care for the sicko. They brought lunch and dinner and helped me out until the hubby could return.

Here it is a week since the surgery and I am getting around a little better, my stomache is feeling a little better, and I'm not in much pain at all. I am spending my time watching movies and coloring digital stamps. I can almost bend my knee 30 degrees, which isn't much. I am supposed to bend it 60. It is still going to be a long few weeks of recovery.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More cleaning and organizing

Here is Emma's toy shelf. We made it more kid friendly with labels. Now she can put everything away where it belongs.

There are nine baskets and they all have a photo and the words, so she can learn to read also.

Here is a close up of them. So Emma can see the dollhouse pieces belong in this basket.

Here is a photo of the linen closet also. I took Peter Walsh's advice and got rid of all the blankets and sheet we don't use. There is now two sets for each bed. I put the bedding in baskets also and labeled them so the girls can just pick out the basket and go make their beds.

I did keep a stack of quilts that my mom has made for the girls. I space bagged them and sucked them down really small with the vacuum. They are in my cedar chest. Now we only have two quilts in the linen closet.

Three more layouts

I spent some time scrapping this weekend and here are a few more of the layouts I finished.

I wish we would of had better photos of Marching band, but I did the best I could with fuzzy photos.

This layout looks a bit funny, but that was the camera. The glitter around the letters is silver and so are all the metallic stickers. They all match the jack shaped one in the middle of the page, even though it doesn't look like it.

Last time I showed Heidi's halloween layout. Here is Emma's halloween one. Not very orange and black halloween colors. But very PINKalicious.