Thursday, October 8, 2009

COED Updates

I have been doing these daily, I just haven't been getting them all uploaded every day.
Day 4- put some completed layouts in the albums they belong in. Did it!!! I got 10 layouts put away. Interview yourself. I didn't get this one done yet hopefully later on in the month I will get it done.
Day 5- Clean off a flat surface, dust it and put back what is important to you.
I got my scrap table cleaned off and washed down and set up nicely so I can work on it. Yeah! Do a layout showing fall colors all around you. I have the photos, I just have to finish up the layout for this one.
Day 6- Finish the journaling on a layout begging to be done. Here is the layout I finished of Emma at the science fair.
I also finished up out family trip photos of Yellowstone. Here are the finished layouts of them.
I feel like I am achomplishing something this month. It is nice to have something done and not just a stack of photos sitting on a messy desk.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

COED days two and three

So the challenges for days two and three were:

Day two, Do a list of things to be thankful for or clean out a drawer.

I choose to do both again. I made my list of things I am thankful for and here it is.

1. My Family
2. My Husband, who is also part of my family, but I am thankful not only for him being my husband, but also my friend.
3. My friends...I have awesome friends who I can really depend on.
4. A Nice home, I love my home and although sometimes it seems small and crowed it is safe and warm and comfortable.
5. So thankful for my van. It is safe and reliable and I love it.
6. Thankful that I am healthy and happy.
7. I am thankful for my computer and they technology we have to stay connected
8. Books- I am thankful for the ability to see, read and comprehend the written word.
9. Freedom and the people who have sacrificed to give us those freedoms.
10. Food- I am thankful that I don't have to go hungry, or send my kids to bed hungry.

Part two was clean out a drawer, I think really it is supposed to be one in you scrapbook area, but I cleaned the junk drawers in my kitchen. They were bad.

Day Three's challenges were:
Do a Layout of a first. (first car, love, home) I didn't have anything that really fell into this category so I just did a layout, I'll post it later when I have time.
part two was to update your Christmas Card list, so I did that. I have a detailed list with who I am going to send cards to and their addresses.

Can't wait for the next challenge which will be later on today.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

CO-ED Challenges

This month I am doing a Coed challenge for scrapbooking. Stands for Complete One Every Day. I will be listing the challenge here and how I completed it.

Day one:

Complete the missing journaling on a layout.

Anything on the floor that shouldn't be there? Put it away, or throw it away so you aren't walking over it or tripping on it.

The first part of the challenge was pretty easy, I have a ton of layouts that are almost done, missing journaling. I finished this four page one this morning.

These are the photos of Heidi's Trek, in 2007. So you can see I am a bit behind on the scrapbooking.

Part two of the challenge- I had two puzzles that have been on the floor all month, and they are now picked up put in their bags and put in the proper place. One less thing to walk around. I have also been working on image swap items today. Two down one more set to go.