Thursday, October 8, 2009

COED Updates

I have been doing these daily, I just haven't been getting them all uploaded every day.
Day 4- put some completed layouts in the albums they belong in. Did it!!! I got 10 layouts put away. Interview yourself. I didn't get this one done yet hopefully later on in the month I will get it done.
Day 5- Clean off a flat surface, dust it and put back what is important to you.
I got my scrap table cleaned off and washed down and set up nicely so I can work on it. Yeah! Do a layout showing fall colors all around you. I have the photos, I just have to finish up the layout for this one.
Day 6- Finish the journaling on a layout begging to be done. Here is the layout I finished of Emma at the science fair.
I also finished up out family trip photos of Yellowstone. Here are the finished layouts of them.
I feel like I am achomplishing something this month. It is nice to have something done and not just a stack of photos sitting on a messy desk.

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