Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My new office/scraproom

Here is the finished office, I still want to add a few homey touches but I love it and wanted to post photos.

Here is the floor and walls before we put the stuff back. The walls are Butterscotch sauce color in Kilz brand paint. That makes for easy scrubbing later on. I love the color most when the morning sun is shining in on it. The floor is by Konecto and is called rosewood. This is the window seat that I don't use to sit on. I still want to do some curtains. I painted the window seat the same color (Chocolate Indulgence) as the living room wall, to try the rooms together. The drawers hold all the glues, Stickles, and stuff I don't want kids into and the office supplies. The Iris cart drawers hold stickers, rub-ons and embellishments.
This is the office side of the room. The roll top desk is my new scrapbook area. The key board drawer makes for a perfect place to put layouts that I am working on in. The blue hippo is named Winston Belvadear and he is there to make me smile.

This is the scrapbook side of the room and it is all organized and ready for some serious scrapping. The ink pad case was made by my dad a few years ago and holds all my Stampin' Up pads. Everything else is all organized and labeled for easy access. With the new floors I just roll across the room in my chair, get what I need and roll back.

I love it. I'll have to post the dinning area later this week. That is where we moved all the games and preschool stuff to and it is working out great.


Betty said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Great job :)

Mini Bean said...

good work, ma'am....I'll be over later. ;)

(Sandi, posted as Hailey and I don't know why)

jenalih said...

I LOVE that floor! It is gorgeous! Everything else is pretty darn great too, especially the fact that a little blue hippo is living in there. I can't get over how perfect the floor and wall color go together...just beautiful!