Thursday, March 25, 2010

Emma Layouts

Just thought I would share a few more layouts that I finished this week. The first one is Emma's 7th birthday. I found the photos in with some other stuff, so I made the layout saturday night with my friends. I added a pocket page to hold her birthday cards, and I got to play around with my cricut machine.
The other layout is of swimming lessons a year ago. I found the paper and I loved it so I thought it would work great for these photos. Swimming lessons were really hard for Emma, first off she is tall for her age, so the teachers always expected her to act older than she is. She also has ADHD and the hyperactivity issue is something that causes problems in swimming class. The first time we tried lessons she was asked to leave the class. So I gave up for a year and then my friend told me of this wonderful place where she took her boys. Cathy's Lil'Fish is an amazing place to learn to swim. It was so relaxed and the teachers are so easy going that Emma just fell in love with them. She learned how to swim and bob and float almost instantly. They were so patient with her, when she threw a fit she was asked to sit out until she could join them again. This worked for her. Emma is not one to sit on the side and watch for long so she learned really fast. We have gone there two summers in a row and we are going back this summer also. Emma's favorite game.. Sharky Sharky What Time Is It? Check out Cathy's School for Lil' Fish on her site, summer is just around the corner and this is a great place for lessons.

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