Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 Bring it on!

Well we made it one week into the new year before taking someone to the Dr. So much for not aquiring medical bills this year. I took Emma in Thursday night after I could not get her fever down. She has strep again. We may be looking at removing those nasty tonsils. She keeps getting strep over and over. She is on meds and today she feels much like her old self.

For Christmas Greg surprised me with a Barnes and Noble NookColor. I love it. Right now I am reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. It is a new series but it follows Percy Jackson and his pal in a new adventure dealing with the Greek Gods. So far it is great. I love the nook because I can adjust the print size so I can read in large print. It is easier on the eyes.

I don't think I mentioned on here that I am back in school. I am going to University of Phoenix through their on line program. I am going to get a degree in Business and Finance. So far I am loving the Home Loans, Mortgage Finances and Escrow stuff the best. I also like the tax stuff but it gets frustrating because they word everything so weird. I love school and it is like a little break from my stressful world to be alone and improve myself. I love the nook because I can down load my textbooks onto it and read them anywhere.

Anyway I figured out that this year's resolution is just to make it through and do it with a smile. I have such a large amount of stress in my life right now and no way to remove it so I am hoping to just deal with it. I still struggle with the whole "let go and let God" concept. I am working on it.

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